Bed Bug Survival Guide

We all know that bed bugs are a major problem through out north America.The following is a guide to help you reduce the chance of bringing home bed bugs. Bed bug proof Luggage encasement’s are strongly recommended when traveling.

  1. When traveling you should carry a flash light and alcohol wipes.
  2. When you check into a hotel/resort you should place your luggage in the bath tub (bed bugs on average are found 3 to 6 feet from bed) until you have inspected your room. If you have purchased a luggage encasement, place your luggage up off of the floor and always keep the encasement zippered up.
  3. Bed bugs are about the size of a apple seed.
  4. Inspection of the room must be done in order to reduce the chances of taking home bed bugs. The first place you need to check is the bed. Gently pull back the covers at the head of the bed.  What you are looking for is pepper like staining or blood spots.  Bed bugs love the seams on mattresses and box springs.  If you see any of these signs you need to ask for another room and repeat steps. Using your flashlight do a complete inspection of head board.  Again if you seen any indication that bed bugs have been present, change rooms. When removing sheets do this very gently because bed bugs do not like to be disturbed. Roll sheets from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed.
  5. If you find no signs of bed bugs you can place your luggage away from the bed and up off the floor, always keep your luggage closed.
  6. When leaving the room always wipe down the exterior of all luggage with alcohol wipes. When going home, do not assume that because you did not get bit or you did not find any signs that bed bugs that bed bugs were not present. Not all people are affected by bed bugs bites. When you get home, place your luggage in the garage or a building that is not attached to your home. Remove all of your clothing into bags and take one bag at a time into your home and remove clothing from the bag and place them into the washer.  Repeat until all clothing has been washed and dried.
  7. Protect your mattress and box spring by installing bed bug proof encasement. We do sell encasements that will protect your mattress and box spring for years to come.

This is a guide only to help reduce your risk of bringing home bed bugs.  For further information please call the office.