APC ALPINE PEST CONTROL Carpenter Ant RemovalThe House Destroyer

Hercules of the ant world this destroyer of wooden structures is unmatched with it’s car crushing mandibles. Imagine a human sized ant capable of  crushing your car in its jaws and you now understand the might of this insect.

Who Vacations With You?

In recent years it has been increasingly common for carpenter ants to set up housekeeping within the walls, floor and ceiling of mobile homes. Here they live in the insulation and go out to seek food. Apparently, they find the insulation as a suitable nesting material and the humidity as a result of condensation provides the needed moisture. In these cases adequate ventilation is of prime concern both within these confined locations and beneath the mobile home. Insecticide treatment here should be handled on a case by case basis and should be done only with professional advice. Owners of mobile homes in wooded areas should be aware of this problem and seek further advice if needed.