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Dealing With Ants

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Has your kitchen become a picnic ground for ants? Have these hard-working insects invaded your home or your lawn?

There are about 100 species of ants in Canada, so it is not unusual for them to become pests around the home. In fact, ants are so abundant and so adaptable that they are impossible to eliminate. Ants should be tolerated as much as possible as they cause little damage in the garden. They can even be considered beneficial because they like to eat other insects like fleas, bedbugs, young silverfish, and clothes moths.

Species known to invade homes in Canada may include the carpenter ant, the little black ant, the odorous house ant, the thief ant, and the pharaoh ant. Pavement ants can become a nuisance in lawns.

The species of ants commonly found in Canada are not aggressive, although some are capable of stinging.

Ants may be black, brown, red or yellow. Adult ants range in size from as small as 1 millimetre (1/ 16 – 1/32 inch, e.g., little black ants and thief ants) to as large as 13 millimetres (3/4 inch, e.g., carpenter ants).

Homeowners may confuse carpenter ants with termites. Termites are present only in specific areas in Canada. It is easy to distinguish between them: the termite has straight antennae and a thick waist, and the carpenter ant has a very narrow waist and ‘elbowed’ antennae.

Carpenter ants are larger than other species, although the sizes of the workers vary. It is important to identify carpenter ants correctly. They can cause structural damage to homes when they excavate galleries for their nests. Piles of sawdust may indicate their presence. Please refer to the Effective Control of Carpenter Ants page for further information.

Dealing with an ant infestation can be challenging, but with the right approach and tools, you can effectively manage the problem and protect your home and family. The first step is to identify the type of ant and select the most appropriate treatment method, such as bait stations, sprays, or barriers, to eradicate the infestation and prevent future occurrences. Maintaining a clean and hygienic home is also essential, as this can discourage ants from entering in the first place. By taking proactive measures, such as sealing off entry points and utilizing effective ant control methods, you can confidently ensure a secure and healthy living environment for yourself and your loved ones.