Pigeon droppings can be hazardous to our health. Once the droppings have dried, they become potentially transferable to humans through the air. If you are going to attempt to clean off droppings from sidewalks, shop signs, roof tops, balconies or anywhere pigeons roost, always wear a protective mask over your mouth and nose and wear gloves. Change your clothes immediately after finishing the job. Wetting down the area with water and moistening the droppings before attempting to clean them up will also help cut down the chances of inhaling airborne spores the droppings can produce.


Pigeons need a flat surface to nest and prefer a flat surface for roosting. Pigeons will breed throughout the year. The female will lay her eggs 8 to 12 days after mating and it takes 18 days for the clutch of one or two eggs to hatch. The young will leave the nest at around 5 weeks of age.